Sonic Dominion isn’t like every other podcast. Sure, there will be rock and roll stories, a few sprinkles of that good ole’ Los Angeles magical chaos, but the heart of Sonic Dominion is simple: shine a light on the creatives working to change the game. From heavy metal legends to up and coming visual artists, to hip hop producers or horror filmmakers, Sonic Dominion is about expressing oneself to the extreme: to be real as fuck. 


Hosted by Nadja Peulen, Sonic Dominion isn’t for the weak of heart. Having spent many years on the road, slugging it out in the clubs and headlining music festivals, Nadja has plenty of her own stories. Having played bass in Los Angeles nu-metal band Coal Chamber, the group released four full-length albums on Roadrunner Records & Napalm Records.While a member of Coal Chamber, Nadja was managed by Sharon Osbourne, did a song with Ozzy (Shock the Monkey) and toured with Slipknot, Type O Negative, Kid Rock, Pantera, Ministry, and Machine Head. She’s also played with The Roadrunner All-Stars project, Cypress Hill, and with Vera Mesmer, an experimental theatrical group. 


Not being satisfied with only music, Nadja created CruelTees, a gothic appeal company that was carried exclusively by Hot Topic.


The concept of the show isn’t cheap talk or canned answers. But instead, it’s people from not just music or art, but across the board, explaining their platform, telling their stories, but also giving us a chance to peer inside their lives, and through their work. While we’re losing our attention spans thanks to social media, the podcast is redefining what it means to break down a topic, or as a vehicle to learn how something works, no matter what the subject.

Sonic Dominion isn’t just another stab at conversation, but instead, it’s a conversation that matters and probably turned up full blast. Strap in.


With as many people as Nadja knows, this is going to get wild.

Coming to Itunes and Youtube in 2021